5 Films Rocking Star Yash Wants You To Watch

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Ondanondu Kaladalli (1979)

Yash praises this classic for its gripping narrative, marking the directorial debut of the renowned actor Shankar Nag, and its exploration of human emotions and relationships.

Ranganayaki (1981)

Yash acknowledges this film for its powerful portrayal of the lead character and its thematic depth, addressing societal issues and justice.

Mayura (1975)

Yash recommends "Mayura" as a historical epic that brings to life the heroic tale of a warrior and offers a glimpse into Karnataka's rich heritage and folklore.

Mungaru Male (2006)

Yash appreciates this romantic drama for its enduring popularity, memorable music, and its portrayal of love and longing in the backdrop of scenic landscapes.

A (1998)

Yash highlights "A" for its unique storytelling and gripping suspense, as it explores the dark and mysterious world of crime and investigations.

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