5 Films By Anurag Basu You Should Watch

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Gangster (2006) - NA

This film is a crime drama that revolves around the tumultuous love triangle between a bar singer, a gangster, and a young woman who gets caught in their world. It explores themes of love, betrayal, and redemption.

Life in a MBetro (2007) - Netflix

This is a romantic drama that weaves together the lives of various people living in Mumbai, exploring their relationships, aspirations, and the challenges of urban life.

Barfi (2012) - Netflix

It is a heartwarming romantic comedy-drama that tells the story of a deaf and mute young man named Barfi, his love interests, and his adventures. The film celebrates the joy of life and the power of love, friendship, and empathy.

Jagga Jasoos (2017) - Netflix

It is a musical adventure film that follows the journey of a young detective, Jagga, as he embarks on a quest to find his missing father. The film combines elements of mystery, comedy, and musical storytelling.

Ludo (2020) - Netflix

This is a dark comedy that weaves multiple storylines, exploring the interconnected lives of four individuals who find themselves in unusual and often comical situations. The film is a blend of humor and drama.

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