5 Films and Shows For the Food Lover in You, Streaming Online

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Chef on Prime Video

A remake of the 2014 American comedy, Chef stars Saif Ali Khan as a chef who decides to open a food truck with his teen son.

Ratatouille on Disney+ Hotstar

When Remy the rat, an aspiring chef, realises his talent might never see its due if people know it's coming from a rodent, he decides to cook through the help of a kitchen worker.

Ustad Hotel on Disney+ Hotstar

When chef Faizi's relationship with his father curdles, he travels to Kozhikode to his grandfather and begins a whole new culinary journey.

Chocolat on Prime Video

When a French woman and her daughter open up a bakery in a small village, they slowly but surely shake up the community's orthodox outlook on things.

Midnight Diner: Tokyo Series on Netflix

In a back alley of a busy district, a diner stays open during the unusual hours of 12-7 a.m. Despite this, a daily stream of customers visit the diner and its chef – a man known as only 'Master'.

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