5 Feel-Good Kannada Films On Disney Plus Hotstar

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1. Gaalipata (2008)

"Gaalipata" is a heartwarming Kannada film that takes you on a cheerful journey with a group of friends, offering laughter, love, and scenic beauty in abundance.

2. Simple Agi Ondh Love Story (2013)

This charming romantic drama, "Simple Agi Ondh Love Story," weaves a sweet and feel-good narrative of young love and the complexities of modern relationships.

Paramathma (2011)

"Paramathma" is a delightful film that combines romance and spirituality, with Puneeth Rajkumar in the lead, creating a soothing and uplifting cinematic experience.

Sidlingu (2012)

"Sidlingu" is a light-hearted comedy that brings a smile to your face as it explores the adventures of a mischievous young man and his journey to win hearts.

Krishna (2007)

"Krishna" is a feel-good family drama that revolves around the protagonist's quest to bring happiness back into his estranged family, offering warmth and hope through its storyline.

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