5 Bollywood Movies That Break You From Inside

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One Can’t help but empathize with Sarbjit in this one. The Way Sarbjit was tortured and the suffering of his family will break you From Inside. Randeep Hooda’s stellar performance as Sarbjit makes this a Must-Watch.

Sanam Teri Kasam(2016)

If you are in the mood for a rom-com with drama that will take you on a journey and then stab your heart, then this is the film you want to watch. Sanam Teri Kasam is an underrated love story with rebellion, longing, and pain.


From wanting a life of tragedy, seeking pain to become an Artist to Running Away from it all, Burning in trying to make sense of himself ending up Destroying himself and losing His only driving force-Love. 


Devdas's descent into self-destruction is perhaps most heartbreakingly depicted in this film. Especially in the scene where he asks a pandit to conduct a Ritual for A Dead Person. When the pandit asks for the name of the deceased, Devdas utters his own name. 


A poet's painful trajectory, with nowhere to go and no one to call his own. He thirsts for the world, but in the end, he condemns it, seeing its true nature. It is Poetic, Ambitious and Painful.

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