5 Best Korean Films Of 2023 To Stream Online

Team FC

Jung_E (Netflix)

From the director of Train to Busan and Hellbound, this dystopian thriller imagines an Earth that is destroyed by climate change. As the survivors break into war, the only solution is to clone a legendary mercenary into an immortal robot.

Kill Bok-soon (Netflix)

She may look like an ordinary single mother of a teenage girl on the surface, but Bok-soon is a professional killer with a 100% success rate. What happens when she refuses to carry out an important assignment?

Return to Seoul (Amazon Prime Video)

This critically acclaimed drama follows a young French woman who impulsively returns to South Korea for the first time since she was adopted, and attempts to track down her biological parents.

Project Wolf Hunting (Amazon Prime Video)

K-drama star Seo In-guk stars in this brutal thriller about a prison break. Chaos ensues when a group of convicts on a cargo ship attempt to break out. They must also deal with the mysterious monster stowed belowdecks.

Unlocked (Netflix)

In this tech thriller, a young woman’s lost smartphone makes its way into the hands of a diabolical stranger, who installs a spyware in it and tracks her every movement.

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