5 Best BGM Compositions by Anirudh Ravichander

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Vikram (2022)

Anirudh Ravichander's music in Lokesh Kanagaraj's film elevated the cinematic experience, from the captivating BGM to the iconic Lokiverse Theme, it's an audiovisual treat.

Master (2021)

Anirudh's powerful background score for Thalapathy Vijay's "Master" pulsated with themes of mentorship and rebellion, complementing the action-packed narrative.

Petta (2019)

Anirudh's tribute to Rajinikanth in "Petta" blended nostalgia with modernity, creating a score that honored the superstar's legacy.

Jailer (2023)

Anirudh's recent background score for Rajinikanth's "Jailer" enhances character impact, be it Muthuvel Pandian or the formidable Varman.

3 (2012)

Anirudh's debut film "3" featuring Dhanush and Shruti Haasan boasted chart-topping songs and a delicate background score that beautifully narrated the romantic tragedy.

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