2023's Forgotten Blockbusters

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Fast X - ZEE5

Despite its adrenaline-fueled action, "Fast X" sped into the realm of forgotten blockbusters in 2023, its tire-squealing charm unable to maintain a lasting impact in the competitive cinematic landscape.

John Wick: Chapter 4 - Prime Video

The much-anticipated "John Wick: Chapter 4" showcased Keanu Reeves's relentless action prowess, yet it found itself overshadowed in the whirlwind of cinematic releases, slipping into the category of 2023's forgotten blockbusters.

Creed III - Prime Video

Despite its boxing legacy, "Creed III" struggled to land a knockout at the box office, fading into obscurity as its heartfelt narrative and sports drama failed to resonate as strongly as its predecessors.

Extraction 2 - Netflix

The sequel to the action-packed original, "Extraction 2," failed to extract the same level of attention in 2023, losing its blockbuster status amidst a plethora of competing films.

The Nun 2 - Google Play

The horror sequel "The Nun 2" failed to haunt the memories of audiences, unable to replicate the chilling success of its predecessor and becoming one of the overlooked horror films of 2023.

Evil Dead Rise - JioCinema

Evil Dead Rise joined the ranks of forgotten blockbusters in 2023, as its horror roots struggled to captivate audiences in a year filled with diverse cinematic offerings, overshadowing its attempt to resurrect the franchise.

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