20 Years, 20 Female Characters From Hindi Cinema We Love

Team FC

Shashi Godbole (English Vinglish, 2012)
Sridevi played housewife Shashi Godbole with such incredible dignity that her performance allowed the film to indict the family members without fully villainizing them.

Piku (Piku, 2015)
There's something about the sensitivity and humanness that Juhi Chaturvedi depicts in her writing of Piku. Be it in her confusion, torn between emotions and practicality over selling her ancestral house

Neena Walia (Luck By Chance, 2009)
Neena Walia of Luck By Chance is no caricature, thanks to the fantastic writing by Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti, and Dimple Kapadia's performance.Slide 4

Vidya Bagchi (Kahaani, 2012)
She is a lone woman navigating a world full of all kinds of men – nice, rough, psychopathic. Balan kicks ass without so much as killing a fly, mixing braininess with compassion, as she takes us for a ride.Slide 5

Rani (Queen, 2013)
Kangana Ranaut, in an author-backed role, brings in a sense of innocence and relatability to Rani that feels tangible – so much so that you can practically see and feel her, as she slowly comes into her own.