12 Directors Who Got Grand Debuts Before Abhilash Joshiy For ‘King of Kotha’

Harshini S V

Shankar - Gentleman (1993)

After assisting directors Pavithran and SA Chandrasekhar on numerous films, Shankar was trying to land a producer for his first film. He did face a few rejections before KT Kunjumon (who also introduced Pavithran) showed interest in his script.

Atlee - Raja Rani (2013)

Like Shankar, his assistant Atlee set off to make his own film after working on the sets of Enthiran (2010) and Nanban (2012). But unlike the previous generation, Atlee belonged to a new crop of filmmakers, who showcased their talents through short films.

VA Shrikumar - Odiyan (2018)

Shrikumar was indeed new to the film space when he helmed Odiyan but he wasn’t a rookie director. Having directed more than 400 commercials, his entry into feature films was long due.

Praveen Gandhi - Ratchagan (1997)

Fresh off the hat-trick success — Gentleman, Kaadhalan and Kaadhal Desam — producer KT Kunjumon chose to back another new director after introducing Shankar to Kollywood. This time around, it was Praveen Gandhi.

Srikanth Odela - Dasara (2023)

Dasara wasn’t the first time Nani trusted a debutant director. He has done it several times in the past including introducing Shiva Nirvana with Ninnu Kori and Nag Ashwin with Yevade Subramanyam.