10/10 Movies You Haven't Heard Of

Team FC

Ingrid Goes West (2017) - Prime Video Rent

A dark comedy that follows Ingrid, a social media stalker, as she obsessively befriends an Instagram influencer in Los Angeles, leading to a twisted tale of identity, authenticity, and the pitfalls of online personas.

Hesher (2010) - N/A

When a troubled young boy's life is disrupted by a rebellious drifter named Hesher, their unlikely bond leads to a chaotic journey of grief, redemption, and unconventional friendship.

Chaman Bahaar (2020) - Netflix

Set in a small town, a young paan shop owner's life takes an unexpected turn when he falls in love with a local girl, leading to a humorous and heartfelt exploration of love, ambition, and small-town dynamics.

The Glass Castle (2017) - Prime Video Rent

Based on the memoir, this drama portrays the tumultuous upbringing of Jeannette Walls, raised by unconventional parents who defy societal norms, exploring themes of resilience, family, and the pursuit of dreams.

John Golden Britt

Timer (2009) - N/A

In a world where a device predicts one's soulmate, a woman questions fate and true love when her timer remains blank, sparking a journey of self-discovery and reevaluation of societal expectations.

Jamun (2021) - JioCinema

A touching tale of a father-daughter relationship, navigating through life's challenges and cultural clashes, as they strive to find acceptance and understanding in a changing world.

Shiva Baby (2020) - Prime Video

A college student attends a family shiva with her parents, only to encounter her sugar daddy and ex-girlfriend, leading to a series of comedic and chaotic encounters that force her to confront her identity and desires.