100 Years of Dev Anand, Mukesh, Mrinal Sen and Shailendra

Team FC

As The Sun Sets on Another Year

We pause to pay homage to four luminaries of Indian cinema, whose 100th birth anniversary fell in 2023. In a world where moments are ephemeral, the centennial celebration of these artists beckons us to stop and look back at their passion-fueled creativity.

Dev Anand

Born in 1923, the suave and charismatic Dev Anand's career spanned over five decades, during which he not only entertained, but also challenged societal norms through his films.

Mrinal Sen

Mrinal Sen, a pioneer of Indian parallel cinema, brought a modern, visual vocabulary to Indian cinema that was well ahead of its time. His cinema was marked by an exploration of complex themes and keen observation, as well as critique of society and politics.


Mukesh, the legendary playback singer of Hindi cinema, remains an immortal voice that touched the hearts of millions. He quickly developed his own style of soulful renditions that hinted at a deep-rooted melancholy.


His gift for conveying complex emotions through simple yet profound words made his lyrics feel accessible as well as poignant. He spoke about issues like poverty and inequality in a way that would inspire future generations of lyricists.

Losing An Artist Always Leaves a Void in Society

But when we look back at their work, it allows for a renewed appreciation of the art they left behind — a truly beautiful silver lining.