10 Rishi Kapoor Essentials And Where To Stream Them

Team FC

Chandni (Amazon Prime Video)

His sweater phase gave us one of the most sweeping Yash Chopra romances – Chandni. Kapoor and Sridevi had crackling chemistry (aided by great music) in this love triangle that also starred Vinod Khanna. 

Do Dooni Chaar (Netflix)

Habib Faisal's bittersweet portrait of middle-class Delhiism is driven by a modest but deceptively nuanced turn by Rishi Kapoor. Kapoor's retro-hero charisma effortlessly evolving into a bodily humanization of the very 'masses' that movies are made to entertain. 

Kapoor & Sons (Since 1921) (Amazon Prime Video, Netflix)

Rishi Kapoor transcends the distracting facial prosthetics to excel as a perceptive patriarch, whose personality is a reactive consequence of who he lives with. 

Mulk (Zee5)

Anubhav Sinha's second innings was kicked off by a stoic Rishi Kapoor performance. He represents an entire community without hitting a single false note, repelling the communal gaze with his eyes alone, even as the noise rages around his dignified presence.

Amar Akbar Anthony (MUBI, Amazon Prime Video) 

We're extremely grateful that he agreed to play the loveable Akbar in this bizarre and hugely entertaining film about three estranged brothers. In fact, a film like Amar Akbar Anthony may just be the tonic we need right now.