Vantage Point 9/11| One Event-Multiple Perspectives

Team FC

Movies and shows have grappled with the tragedy from different vantage points. They have looked at what happened before, during and after the incident. There are stories of first responders and the passengers on the ill-fated Flight 93 from the very day of the attacks.
Storytelling enables us go beyond our immediate reactionary state - by weaving together these perspectives to build a complicated narrative with shifting empathies for people, ideologies and intentions. And as most things in life - somewhere in that murky mess lies the truth.
And finally the stories that deal with the short and long term effects of violence and encompass everything -
from human stories of resilience and religious hate to the dark underbelly of the war on terror, torture programs and even the fight for rightful compensation for 9/11 victims in Worth (2020).