Three's Company

Team FC

Every decision is a town hall, every tidbit of news is the talk of the town. Painting a govt campaign quote on a wall (Panchayat), fixing a ditch (Parks & Recreation), or creating a cultural exhibit in a strip mall (Rutherford Falls) - things that can seem trivial on the surface, become canny metaphors for the importance of an empowered local government.
At the center of each show, is an imperfect but necessary agent of change - characters you root for despite their flaws. ⁣
Erik Adams in a Mike Schur profile for the AV Club writes, "The good places in the Michael Schur catalogue aren’t impenetrable fortresses, and the shows that are set there aren’t guaranteed escapes from the demons, the cranks, or the racist cops that populate our world. But even at the bottom of the deepest, darkest pit, there’s bound to be sincerity, emotion, and honesty. For viewers living in a world that looks increasingly like The Bad Place, that counts for a lot."⁣