City as a Character III

Team FC

Unlike movies, TV shows get to take their time to world build and slowly immerse viewers into a particular setting.
Great shows use this privilege remarkably well to a point where we start placing buildings, cafes, moors and roads to create a mental map of sorts.
Over multiple seasons these small towns and cities even start feeling lived in without ever visiting them as we're further immersed and start subconsciously imagining the smells and textures.
Shows like Shetland and Ozark pull this off in an overcrowded genre that excels at this - brooding small town crime dramas.
While Lupin and Sherlock manage the same with bigger cities - seamlessly incorporating the DNAs of Paris & London with the narrow lanes, boroughs and rooftops.
This feels even more stark when watched alongside the usual comfort diet of set heavy legacy shows like Friends, HIMYM, The Big Bang Theory and the like which barely go beyond the almost interchangeable drawing rooms, cafes, pubs and kitchens.
What show has evoked this strong sense of geography and made you badly want to visit a place - be it a busy new york cafe or a quiet Scottish moor?