If there were any doubts about the scale and vision of 2.0, judging by the first teaser, it’s now safe to assume that all those doubts can be laid to a peaceful rest.

The two-minute trailer, launched after a 50 minute delay, takes the viewer deeper into its world, where flying cell-phones, a robotic Amy Jackson and an Akshay Kumar made up of cell-phones present a barrage of never-before-seen visuals.

The spectacle, tuned to a roaring score by AR Rahman, gives us a glance of what’s on offer, including a mind-blowing finale that is set to take place in a stadium with two titans, fighting to the finish.

The giant  falcon, looking much better in the trailer, is truly exciting and it can be assumed that this too is made up of cell phones.

‘Everyone with a cell-phone is a murderer,’ says Akshay Kumar’s character in the film, leaving the viewer with more questions than answers.

And as Chitti promises towards the end, ‘I will set your screens on fire’.

We can’t wait for this man versus machines battle.

Produced by Subaskaran of Lyca Productions, the 3D magnum opus is expected to release on 29 November. The film will also be shown, for the first time in the world, using a technology called 4D SRL (Shankar Resul Lyca), adding a new dimension of sound emerging from the floor.

Watch the trailer here:


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