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This collection of seven shorts has been made by budding directors who were handpicked and mentored by some of India’s leading filmmakers. It's a great initiative we definitely need more of.


The story, about a band of rebels who steal the plans for the Death Star, is set shortly before the events of the first Star Wars movie. The narrative beats are familiar but director Gareth Edwards manages to make us care.


The basic plot is taken from the sensational Nanavati case, which took place in Mumbai in 1959. The real life incident had all the elements of a great story – love, heroism, betrayal, murder, honour, adultery. 


Aditya Chopra reinvents himself with this film. And in doing so, he gives Bollywood romance a buoyancy and exhilaration. Much of this adrenalin comes from the leading man Ranveer Singh.


The courageous Polynesian protagonist who conquers all is now a part of the Disney pantheon – think of the fabulous Merida in Brave or the tomboy Mulan or Elsa in Frozen.


Once again Vidya Balan stars as an unlikely superhero in this thriller written and directed by Sujoy Ghosh. She powers the film, making even the most illogical scenes convincing.


The film echoes producer Aanand L Rai’s Tanu weds Manu franchise.  A strong, obstinate woman drives the narrative and poor Jimmy Sheirgill is one again, ditched at the altar.


Denis Villeneuve's film starring Amy Adams stuns you into silence. It's based on Ted Chiang's award-winning novella Story of Your Life about a linguist who is called in by the army when 12 gigantic spaceships land all over the world.


In her second film, Gauri Shinde bravely tries to lift the stigma around mental health. This is an important conversation and you can’t have a better brand ambassador for therapy than Shah Rukh Khan.