The Awesome TV Show

Nikhil Taneja is a writer-producer who heads Development at Y-Films. He also consumes copious amounts of international television which makes him the perfect host for The Awesome TV Show. Tune in for regular updates on upcoming shows, reviews, and lots and lots of recommendations. You can also catch him at @tanejamainhoon on Twitter.


After a long hiatus, host Nikhil Taneja is back with The Awesome TV Show. Our resident couch surfer admits that there's way too much Awesome TV on air right now so he narrows down the top 5 dramas you should start with. In a first, an Indian TV show - P.O.W makes it to the list!


In this episode of The Awesome TV Show, host Nikhil Taneja tells you about Marvel's Luke Cage. He lists the 5 good and bad things about the show, apart from announcing the winner of the Emmys prediction game. Also, he introduces a new section - Awesome TV on TV. This is a section in which he tells you which TV shows are running on Indian channels and at what time.


With the 2016 Emmy Awards around the corner, host Nikhil Taneja takes a shot at predicting the possible winners. He breaks them down into who he thinks 'should win' and the shows that 'will win'. Also, he lists the highlights of Netflix's Narcos Season 2. For those who are yet to catch it, beware, there are lots of spoilers ahead.


In an exclusive interview with David Harbour, Sheriff Jim Hopper of Netflix's Stranger Things, host Nikhil Taneja quizzes the actor about how he prepared for the role, recreating 80s nostalgia and drawing inspiration from Han Solo and Indiana Jones. For fans of the show, Harbour even gives us clues about what we can expect from Season 2.


In this episode of The Awesome TV Show, host Nikhil Taneja tells you about why you can't afford to miss Netflix's latest show Stranger Things. In TV news, some of our old favourites like Arrested Development, Black Mirror and Curb Your Enthusiasm will be returning, while Game of Thrones will end next year. Also, catch the highlights of the trailers that dropped at the San Diego Comic Con.


In the fourth episode of The Awesome TV Show, host Nikhil Taneja dissects the hits and misses of the 2016 Primetime Emmy Awards nominations. He breaks down the long list of front-runners into the good (The Americans is finally nominated!), the bad (Jessica Jones snubbed) and the ugly (No Narcos!)


As this season of Game of Thrones comes to an end, host Nikhil Taneja brings you the highlights of the episode, and lists five other shows that can best replace it. He also discusses the fact that Game of Thrones pretty much confirmed R+L=J, the wildly popular fan theory conceived by the readers of the books that the show is based on.


In the second episode of The Awesome TV Show, host Nikhil Taneja packs in a fresh set of recommendations, lists 5 more great shows of 2016 and recaps the last Game of Thrones episode, 'Battle of the Bastards'.