Diljit Dosanjh Gave Us So Much To Remember Him By

We knew he could sing. We knew he could act. But we had no idea how delightfully charming this Punjabi artiste could be

As we eagerly wait for his Udta Punjab, we bring to you five clips that show why
we so cherished our time with him. If you haven’t seen our interview yet, watch these greatest hits.

On Working With Kareena Kapoor

We found many reasons to love Diljit, but the one trait that really won us over was his boyish charm. Before being Kareena Kapoor’s co-star, it seems fairly clear that he was a gooey-eyed fan boy first.

What Is An ‘Urban Pendu’?

‘Pendu’, in Punjabi, means ‘villager’, and Diljit is the best of both worlds – the quintessential ‘Urban Pendu’. Not just does he navigate divides here, he also helps define ‘Swag’ (of which he has plenty).

His Plea to Kanye West

He sings as well as Kanye West. Now he wants to be in his shoes. (Literally, that is.) Yeezy, a line of shoes Kanye had created with Adidas, is unavailable, but Diljit will not stop trying till he gets a pair.

He’s A Mama’s Boy

It takes someone as endearing as Diljit to confess to the world that he is a mama’s boy. But while he tried to convince us that he is an obedient child, his smile remained very impish all the way through.

On His Camaraderie With Yo Yo Honey Singh & Badshah

This might be news to you, but the likes of Badshah, Yo Yo Honey Singh and Diljit are all a band of buddies. The only time they seem to get jealous is when one of them gets a Yeezy before the others.

You can watch the entire interview here

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