Brand Sonam and the future of Baahubali – The Cannes Wrap

Sonam Kapoor and Rajamouli on using technology effectively

Sonam on ‘staying relevant’

Sonam Kapoor wants people to know that she’s just like any young girl who loves chocolates, puts her foot in her mouth at times, and struggles with body issues. A few days before stepping on to the Cannes red carpet, the actress launched her personal app that reveals this “human” side to her. “Being a celebrity or public persona, doesn’t mean that you need to be mysterious and out of reach,” she says. In this interview with FC, the actress speaks about creating “brand Sonam” and how it empowers her to make brave film choices like Neerja.

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Baahubali in virtual reality

Around two years ago, S. S Rajamouli experienced the thrill of a Virtual Reality (VR) 360 degree film and has been hooked since. “The first thing I thought was, ‘How do I tell stories in this’,” he says. The filmmaker hasn’t wasted too much time in working that one out. He’s already on his way to becoming one of the first filmmakers in the world to direct an entire film in VR. “It’s an exciting medium which will give you an enhanced audio-visual experience,” he assures. As for the next installment of Baahubali, the filmmaker ensures we’ll soon have an answer to the question that has been troubling us for long – ‘Why did Kattapa kill Baahubali?’

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