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James Bond, Captain Jack Sparrow and of course, Indiana Jones, all these men make a mark in their first impression because of their introductory scenes. YouTube channel CineFix lists down 10 such amazing moments.


This week's FC Insight looks at the comeback of Romantic Melodies in Bollywood


Imtiaz Ali’s dream project for a long time, the 2014 film was an unconventional love story between a young woman and her captor


Daniel Day-Lewis, Marlon Brando and Robert De-Niro are known practitioners of method acting. But sometimes, actors take it too far, leading to them getting grievously injured. Popular YouTube channel WhatCulture lists down 10 actors who nearly died because of intense method acting.


'Development hell' is a term used in the film industry for a project that has remained 'in development' for a long, long time. Stephen King's 'The Dark Tower' series went through a similar period but this one managed to break through, Mashable takes us through this journey.


The Jackie Chan Stunt Team, a group of martial artists and stuntmen founded by Jackie Chan, gave an emotional tribute to the actor.


There has been a decline year-on-year on Bollywood audience going to the theatres. Will 2017 change the trend? Find out more in this week's FC Insight.


Popular YouTube channel lists down movie remakes and reboots no one really wanted. From Karate Kid to Total Recall to the disastrous remake of a classic Psycho, all the movies are ranked in degrees of uselessness.