Imtiaz Ali

Filmmaker and Writer

We should have a smaller crew size at shooting so there are smaller daily shoot expenses and no under-utilised workers.

Aditya Roy Kapur


Promotions. The format of it is the same for every film. It’s become numbing to the audience as well. We should find a way to figure how much of an effect what we’re doing has. We’re just running around like headless chickens. It’s nice to be busy before a film releases so you don’t get nervous but let’s do things that are effective and do it differently for every film.

Varun Grover

Writer and Lyricist

I have a very simple wish: more respect to writers. Many films have writers' names missing from the posters or trailers, even when they have enough space to credit the marketing agencies. One big production house (Eros) doesn't credit lyrics writers on its official youtube channel even. Every year we read columns saying 'this was/is the year of script writers' in Mumbai and still every year writers are made to fight for their rights, credits, fees. Hope this year a substantial change happens. (Though am not holding my breath.)

Shakun Batra

Filmmaker and Writer

I’d love to see films that go beyond the conventional genres. Stoner comedies is something that I’m eagerly waiting for someone to do here.

Nawazuddin Sididqui  


I want the name of Bollywood to be changed as it sounds borrowed. It seems as if we have an inferiority complex. We admire Hollywood so much that we have forgotten that we are making great films too. We should be proud of our product. If we are copying the name, we will obviously end up copying their films too.

Siddharth Roy Kapur


The need of the hour in 2017 is to increase footfalls in cinemas since they have been declining or at best stagnant for a couple of years now. We cannot have sustainable growth only by increasing ticket prices – we need more people to come to the movies and to come more often. This can only happen with a) with variable ticket pricing based on differentiating between types of movies, times of day and days of the week to ensure better utilisation of cinema capacity. b) More entertaining and engaging content. c) Smarter windowing of non-theatrical rights d) legalisation to make piracy a criminal offence punishable under the same grounds as theft.

Dibakar Banerjee

Filmmaker and Writer

The film certification process, which by mistake, or perhaps with intent , is called the film censoring process.

Apurva Asrani

Writer and Editor

I'd like to see a fair and credible film awards function. Today, most awards exist only to celebrate stars and to create TRP heavy TV shows. Not only are good films, that push the envelope ignored, excellent technicians and writers are often relegated to TV extras at these shows. It's heartbreaking to see the wins of the 'less glamourous' hurriedly announced. Unless we find and reward real talent, our content will continue to suffer.  

Ram Madhvani


The change I would like to see is the marketing of films not dependent on songs. Though songs are great. We need to find other ways too of marketing movies too .

Vishal Dadlani

Composer and Singer

I’d love to see the film ‘business’ go back to being an art-form first, with the firm conviction that business will follow. I’d love to see braver films that do more than imitate life. I’d like to see films that generate ideas, inspiration and social awareness. We already have some of these, but my big hope is that the money people realise that the film (and not the box office figure it generates) is everything. Another change I’d personally like to see is the death of the ‘ek super-hit gaana de do’ mentality. I’d love for more filmmakers to go back to telling stories through their songs.

Niharika Khan

Costume Designer

The one thing I would like to change about Bollywood is the fact that costume is at the end of the rung of the technical ladder. It should be treated like any of the other technical departments are. And we should be given respect and paid for our time and our creativity equivalent to the other departments.

Rajkummar Rao


Our industry is already going through a major change which is for the good. I just hope that this change doesn’t stop and we stop putting films in boxes as art or commercial. Let’s just say a film is either good or bad and promote them equally, of course keeping the economics in mind. Also, we need more movie theatres in our country. The number of films we make, we definitely need more theatres.  

Vikramaditya Motwane


I’d like studios and producers to take risks with content heavy films and not always have to depend on the star cast.

Amaal Malik

Music Composer

Musically I think almost everybody is going wrong. Many a times we are just creating music to get a hot song and a good first day collection for films. It works for certain films, but not always. People make unreasonable demands as if it’s a food menu- One Suraj Dooba Hain, One Kar Gayi Chull.

Labels talking like that is something I can understand, but even directors asking for songs that have been done and dusted is weird. I would like people to work as a team – the music composer and lyricist should follow the director’s vision and keep a balance with the label’s commercial demand to create music that flows well with the narrative and does well as a standalone track on radios.

Mukesh Chhabra

Casting Director

I want to see new characters and new talent to fill in beautiful stories. I wish filmmakers make the stories look as beautiful as the stars. I wish content is glorified more than ever this year.

Kalki Koechlin


Writers being paid better for writing scripts. Writers writing scripts as opposed to assistants or the actors!

Gauri Shinde

Filmmaker and Writer

I’d like to see more honest and unbiased film criticism and reviewing.         

Guneet Monga


More films that travel the world into the non diaspora territories. Smarter budgets and content lead cinema.

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